Strategy Description

The best strategy to accumulate Bitcoin. If you invested 50$ on each dip (Price is falling down) and hold, you would have 45.000$ today. When Bitcoin falls in value, BuyTheDip strategy gives you the best timing to buy Bitcoin at a discount. Invest slowly in a long term run while taking the less risk as possible. Net profit from backtest is calculated after selling everything at the last candle.

  • Asset: BTCUSD
  • Timeframe: H4
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The script detects when Bitcoin value falls and gives an alert when the price is back in an up trend. The script is used for long term investment and not for daily trading.

Tradingview Backtest

Tradingview Chart


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  1. alearaujoexito

    Is only for BTC?

    1. CryptoBull

      Hi, yes it’s only for BTC but we will make it for other crypto

  2. Miketrade

    Hello CryptoBull,
    This is an awesome tool.
    Thank you very much!
    Do you think you could add the HODL returns for each year as a column on the right (to easily compare returns vs HODL) ?

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